I have to  say, we have been having alot of windless days lately.  Quite unusual for this time of the year and not exactly the best thing for Kitesurfing.  But its been perfect for standup paddleboarding.  Anyway, I am pretty blown away with all of the the  wild marine life we have been seeing off Palm Cove on these nice flat days.

I never seem to have the camera at the right time.  Just about every second day we have been paddling off Palm Cove with the Dolphins.  This is an amazing experience.  They seem to enjoy crusing up and down the beach, only 50 metres from the shore.

Paddle Boarding with Manta  Rays

The  other  day Luke spotted a Manta Ray on the way back from Double Island too.  On the way back over, there is was crusing arounnd just a few metres below the surface.

So, there is always something interesting to see when we head out for a paddle board at Palm Cove.  Such a great place to  paddleboard!

Come down and join us.  We are down there just about every day at the south end of Williams Esplanade.


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