Hi Everyone

Last Sunday was a great day for paddleboarding.  We left Palm Cove at 8.30 and headed over to Double Island.  10 of us in total made the trip.  and it was magic.

It was about a 35 minute paddle to the island.  The tide was about half way out when we arrived at the reef. Anyway check out these shots that  Sanae and Gaby took on our Double Island SUP tour.

Nice flat water cruising out on the ocean between Pam Cove and Double Island

Double Island Paddleboarding Cairns


Some of us were ready to stand on the board while others were just as happy paddleboarding on their knees and until they got their balance sorted.

Double Island SUP tours

Keanu leading the way across the channel from Palm Cove to Double Island

Palm Cove - Double Island Standup Paddle boarding

The team arrives at Scouts Hat.  Double Island is in the back ground.  The water is very clear and calm but the tide is right out too.  Lots of coral reef is exposed because of the low tides.

Stand Up Paddleboard Double Island

Andrew is paddling through the shallow waters at the south west end of Double Island. The water is very clear and with the bottom covered in while coral sand.  Lots of turtles and fish to be seen as we paddle through the clear shallow waters.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Double Island

The north side of Double Island is so different to the rest.  As we head around the north side, a rolling ocean swell greets us.  The water is alot deeper and the colour of the water is really blue.  Its beautiful.  The island coastline is huge rock faces.  Amazing paddling.

Standup paddleboarding in Cairns - Double Island - Palm CoveMichelle and Gaby are relaxing in the shallow waters on their paddleboards.

Standup paddleboarding in Cairns - Double Island - Palm Cove

Time for a chat.  Michelle and Andrew rest up on their paddleboards around the north end of the island.  So peaceful and serene.Standup paddleboarding in Cairns - Double Island - Palm Cove

One of the many real live giant clams you see in the shallow clear waters on the south end of Double Island.

Double Island marine life - stand Up paddle boarding