Are you planning to buy a very first SUP board for yourself or a friend or family member?
Here are some tips from my experience.

1. Right size for the right purpose.

What’s your weight? You might be comfortable with a large sized board, but if you are too light  you’ll be blown by the wind easily.
Would you like to go cruising or surfing?
There are many different shapes for each purpose. Have fun exploring the options.

2. Safe and reliable.

When you are out in the ocean, all you have is yourself, your board and a paddle. You want to make sure the gear is safe and strong. Be aware that there are many nasty cheap second hand boards on the market. Best to talk to the people who actually do stand up paddling.

3. Good floatation and comfortable paddling.

Again, is it right size for your weight? Is it not too wobbly?
Does the paddle make you feel tired? Usually carbon paddles are very light, allowing you to paddle for a long period of time.

4. Cool design and nice colours.

Fashion is one of the most important part of the sport, don’t you think?

How to choose the right SUP board

Choosing the right SUP board


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