At Paddleboarding Cairns we offer Paddleboarding Turtle Tours at Double Island , close by to Palm Cove beach. Standup Paddleboarding is the perfect way to see and get up close to our amazing Far North Queensland Marine Life. when the conditions are right, there is great visibility off Double Island.

When its like this, there is always plenty of turtles to see from your paddleboard as you cruise over the reef.

I feel like I am at one with Nature

Natasha came out for the day with us and was hooked. “Paddleboarding on the reef at Double Island is an amazing experience.  Seeing wild marine life swimming around completely amazed me.  I feel so fortunate to have experienced being so close to wild turtles.”

Double Island Tours

Drop us a line if you are keen to check out Double Island Reef.

Every day is different out at Double Island.  Sometimes we see  groups of turtles swimming around together, other days just one or two, and on other days the turtles are elsewhere , but we could see rays gliding through the water of even flying fish.
Paddleboarding Tuurs

Our Red Paddleboards are easy to ride

At Paddleboarding Cairns we use inflatable paddleboards.  These are extremely durable and high quality.  They are made by a paddleboarding company called Red Co Paddleboards.  These boards can be pumped up really heard, so quite often people don’t even realise that they are inflatable.  They also handle being dragged around without being damage which is a bonus.  Lastly, the Red Co paddleboards a very stable and easy to learn the basics of stand up paddleboarding on.  Most people can stand up easily on them due to their great stability.  So come and check them out.