Trinity Beach is a great place to head for a paddle board. There are rocky points to the north and south and sandy beaches in between. It’s also a great beach to take the family too, with plenty of nice restaurants and cafes along the esplanade. The rocking points are great fun paddle boarding around on those nice flat days. Be careful on windy days though, you wouldn’t want to get washed onto the rocks.



Trinity, beach, Cairns, Paddle, boarding, SUP

Trinity Beach paddle boarding

How to get there


Trinity beach is located about 20 km’s north of Cairns city. The best was to get there is to head north on the Captain Cook Highway. It is the 5th beach heading north. It is clearly sigh posted, you can’t miss it.




Expect a range of different paddle boarding conditions at Trinity Beach. Trinity Beach is great beach to stand up paddle board on those nice calm days or early in the morning. It can get a little bumpy as the wind picks up, so probably not ideal for learning on the windy days. Kewarra Beach, located 5 minutes north of Trinity Beach and is a great option on those windy days, as it is protected by a headland.


paddle, boarding, Trinity, Beach, Cairns, SUP

Trinity Beach paddle boarding

Parking and facilities


Parking can be difficult to find on weekends along the esplanade, but if you head a block or 2 in, you’ll easily find something there. There are showers and toilet blocks along the esplanade.


Stand up paddle board level


Trinity beach is suitable for all levels. Not the beast place for the less experienced paddle boarders on windy days, as it tends to get quite bumpy and can develop a rather large shore break. But those nice calm days, Trinity Beach is truly amazing to paddle board.



You can stand up paddle board at Trinity Beach all year round. During the warmer months (November – May), it does pay to chuck a stinger suit on, because there is the risk of Marine stingers being present in our water at that time of year. Don’t let the stingers hold you back though. It’s as simple as taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself. The warmer months are quiet ofter the best time to get out there, as we get a lot of calm days, which makes the water visibility much better. During the winter (May – November) you have nothing to worry about. We do often get trade winds that can make the water choppy though, so it pays to check the wind forecast before heading to Paddle board at Trinity Beach. You can check all the wind updates here at


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